''We support and promote sustainability in the spice chain, by listening to what's happening on the ground.''

Members of the SHS platform recognize a responsibility towards the social and environmental impact in their supply chains and the need for collective action to realize change. The motivation to join is driven by the belief that the private sector is best positioned to understand sustainability in their supply chains, and that increased sustainability in the spice sector offers competitive advantages.  


 We offer a low barrier, affordable certification platform

in the spice sector that is adaptable to all contexts and sizes of operations.

The motivation to join is driven by the belief to improve the sector

rather than complying with standards.

Our Vision


We envision a spice-sector where a level-playing-field for all stakeholders is supported and promoted by industry

Our Values


- Social Responsibility

- Traceability & Accountability

- Environmental Resilience

- Equal opportunities

- Step by step improvement



Theory of Change


 Stimulating more sustainable practices in the spice sector will result in long term quality supply, improved opportunities for  for all stakeholders and less negative impact on the environment