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SHS Platform


- Facilitating a platform for stakeholders to drive change 


- Offering a platform where participants define sustainability and bring it into practice


- Creating markets for SHS-certified products 


Setting the standard


Our standard is created in close collaboration with the private sector.


Our guiding requirements cover sustainability in four areas:


Social Responsibility

Transparency & Traceability

Environmental Resilience  

Progress & Continuous improvement


The areas are divided in 20 sub-themes and corresponding requirements. 


Operating by this definition of sustainability means your company realizes a positive impact on land, for people and for businesses. 


Supported by SHS, your company makes a plan for improvement in sustainability areas of your company's choice. 


By letting you decide what areas to improve on we make sure these plans are feasible and relevant, increasing the chance of success. 

SHS Verification


Audits play a central role in the platform. 

There is a three step verification system. 


To offer an acceptable price, verification is done through self-declaration which is audited by the platform. 


Based on the results, a 2-year improvement plan is created. 


Audits are done annually: every other year an audit is done to assess current sustainability and to draw up a plan, the next audit is done to assess intermediary targets.